Tips To Avoid Distraction

“Starve your distractions, feed your focus” is a great quote. Distraction, extreme agitation of mind, is a thing that hinders a person from focussing on a particular thing. For example, when you keep a check on your mobile after every 10 minutes that is a distraction. When you are distracted you become less productive. Distraction can be costly. Distraction delays work and one should remain focused in order to avail most out of a situation or in a given time. We need to tackle it and devise ways to remain dedicated and focussed. Listed below are few ways that can help you: 1) Light scented candles or spray freshener: This will create an atmosphere of peace and will make you calm and composite. You can become less forgetful and more dedicated. 2) Move to a quiet place: When you are not able to focus and nothing else can be done then try to remove yourself from that place and be seated at a place where you find peace and you remain focused. 3) Organize things and segregate them: You should plan ahead of time and chalk out how to proceed. Before starting a thing, decide what all has to be accomplished and organize according to the difficulty level that what work should be done first and what next. 4) Set a timer before doing a work: Before proceeding with your scheduled work, set a timer on your phone that this much amount of work is to be done in a specified time. It is possible that you do not match the deadlines but it will keep you focussed and you will avoid distractions owing to the allotted time. 5) Keep your food near you: The all-time biggest distractions are hunger and thirst. Eat well and drink a plenty amount of water. Keep food near you so that you can easily have it when you feel the need of having it. It a study held in 2012, it was found that mild dehydration leads to inattention and distraction. 6) Eat healthy: You should intake healthy food so that you remain healthy. The upset stomach will definitely distract you a lot. For more such content follow on my blog.


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