How to incrase Word power

Having better vocabulary is an added advantage in this world. While communicating with people your extraordinary English will definitely leave the listeners impressed. Once you start using an extensive vocabulary you will enjoy it yourself and love to improve it further more. Use these basic tips which help you in increasing your word power. 1. Learn new words: Learning new words is a pleasure. Read a lot of books, papers and try to pick unknown or unfamiliar words and find the meaning and usage of them. Use those words when you converse with people. 2. Read good English: There are various books and magazines available which help you in coming across the best vocabulary. Read more and more of them. 3. Be a good listener: Listening is a great skill. You need to have good English knowledge prior to listening English. But listening regularly will make you learn the use of tenses and words in a better way. 4. Take help of dictionary: When you come across new words, check the meaning, origin, and usage of the particular word. Now there are online dictionaries available, which you can carry in your pocket and reach for the meanings at a fingertip. 5. Play word games: Crosswords and puzzles help you learn strange and unknown words in English. For more such content subscribe to my blog.


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